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3Dtec lasertechniek

3D laser techniques
for innovative,
complex designs

3Dtec is expert in 3D laser technology

The strength of 3Dtec lies in its outstanding expertise and extensive specialisation in 3D laser technology. With its complete focus on 3D laser applications, 3Dtec meets the highest requirements set by reputable players in the high-tech industry.


Its innovative character and guaranteed high-quality care for delicate formed parts make 3Dtec the ideal partner for clients in a variety of markets: aerospace, automotive, food processing, healthcare, mobility, energy and design. Our certification by partners such as Rolls Royce, Safran and GKN represents a tangible appreciation of 3Dtec’s knowledge and skills.

3Dtec complies with the strict NADCAP standards and ISO 9001 requirements for its quality system as well as its laser cutting process. In addition, 3Dtec guarantees fast delivery, accuracy and flexibility thanks to its impressive fleet of machines and in-house engineering. 3Dtec develops and produces the required tooling in-house. Integrated CAD/CAM control of its machinery makes 3Dtec the perfect partner for prototype projects. Moreover, 3Dtec excels in the optimisation and automation of processes. This expertise also makes 3Dtec an attractive partner for cost-efficient large series production.

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Market leader

Since 2002, 3Dtec has grown from a small family business to the market leader in the 3D laser processing of fine metal formed parts. This leadership is evident in the outstanding 3D laser expertise that 3Dtec has amassed over the years. It is for good reason that 3Dtec belongs to the select group of companies that are privileged to work for quality brands from the very highest segment in the aerospace, automotive and healthcare sectors.

3D laser quality

Exceeding client expectations is the core business of 3Dtec. This is made possible by ensuring that the requests and requirements in a project are clear, concrete and feasible in the early stages. 3Dtec takes ownership of its services and provides superior service by safeguarding, monitoring and evaluating requirements both during and after the design and production process.


3Dtec belongs to a select group of companies that are certified to perform 3D laser cutting for high-tech quality brands. 3Dtec complies with the strict NADCAP standards and ISO 9001 requirements for its quality system as well as its laser cutting process.

Values of 3Dtec

At 3Dtec, the original values of the family business from Bergeijk are still very much present. There is an informal atmosphere on the work floor and the relationship with customers is also relaxed and based on openness and loyalty. 3Dtec consists of a team of people with a passion for technology and production. With care, precision and focus, the employees work together toward a common goal: doing everything to ensure a satisfied customer.

3D lasertechniek

Working at 3Dtec


What makes working at 3Dtec so appealing?

If you ask the people of 3Dtec, they will probably tell you about the close-knit group of people they are a part of. Or about the informal atmosphere and the collegiality on the work floor. Of course they work hard together, but they also frequently organise company outings, for example. The friendly and easy-going nature of Brabant. Maybe that’s the reason why people want to keep working at 3Dtec.

At 3Dtec, you enjoy a considerable amount of freedom and independence. That makes it fun to come to work every day. They also like a healthy dose of ‘tenacity’. It keeps you thinking critically for clients and helps you come up with fresh ideas that can lead to innovative solutions. At 3Dtec, everyone knows each other and you are included in every part of the production process. That adds variety to your work.


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3Dtec lasertechnology

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3Dtec lasertechnology

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