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Freedom of design
with 3D laser cutting from 3Dtec

3D lasersnijden

3D laser cutting

3Dtec has more than 15 years experience in 3D laser cutting plate and tube constructions. This makes them experts as well as the ideal partner for achieving innovative designs in formed parts. The ultra-modern machines mean that limitations in terms of material and thickness are a thing of the past. 3Dtec makes freedom of design possible for its partners.

Proven and reliable

3D laser cutting is a proven and reliable production process. The high accuracy and excellent cutting quality of modern lasers and the flexible production process make 3D laser cutting a beneficial and economical production method. 3Dtec’s offline programming guarantees the highest machine productivity.


In addition to common metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium, 3Dtec also cuts copper, brass and titanium. CO2 or solid-state laser sources can be chosen in the process, leading to optimised quality of the 3D laser cut. 

3D laser cutting of formed sheet parts

3D lasersnijden

3Dtec supplies a wide range of machined, formed parts. 3Dtec cuts every type of formed part. Thanks to its specialism in 3D laser cutting, 3Dtec knows no limits when it comes to machining formed parts. No matter which forming technique is used. From deep drawing and pressing to forging and hydroforming: 3Dtec is the expert in laser technology.

Through the expertise of its own engineers and its in-house knowledge centre, 3Dtec offers superior cutting work as well as expert guidance and advice. In addition, its extensive network of established partners provides access to the very best forming production methods. That results in quality delivered at the best price.

3D lasersnijden

3D laser cutting of profiles and tubes

The 3D lasers at 3Dtec are perfectly equipped for machining profiles and tubes. Of course, 3Dtec machines standard tubes and cylinders. One of 3Dtec’s specialisms is machining non-standard profile shapes. Examples include the precision machining of extruded profiles, rolled profiles and tubes with large diameters (up to about 900 mm).

3D laser cutting of bent tube parts

CNC mandrel bending machines are undergoing rapid development. This means that there are more and more applications for bent tube parts in frame and machine construction. 3Dtec is a specialist in 3D laser cutting and machining bent tubes. They have more than 15 years experience in laser technology and offer expertise and advice. In addition, the people at 3Dtec think in terms of possibilities and opportunities. That makes them the ideal partner in laser technology.

lasersnijden 3D

3D laser cutting for modifying standard parts

3D lasersnijden

3Dtec’s 3D lasers are highly suitable for applying holes and cut-outs to standard electrical cabinets. 3Dtec processes small cabinets as well as larger models up to a maximum size of 2000 x 1200 x 600 mm.

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