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Expert in 3D lassen

Expert in 3D laser technology

Expertise and collaboration

3Dtec’s strength lies in its outstanding expertise and specialisation in 3D laser technology. With its complete focus on 3D laser applications, 3Dtec meets the highest requirements set by reputable players in the high-tech industry. Its innovative character and guaranteed high-quality care for delicate formed parts make 3Dtec the ideal partner for clients in a variety of markets. Our certification by partners such as Rolls Royce, Safran and GKN represents a tangible appreciation of 3Dtec’s knowledge and skills. Both the quality system and the laser cutting process comply with the strict NADCAP standards.

Forming technology

3Dtec cooperates with a large number of partners in the production of complete formed parts. Each 3D shape in plates or tubes requires its own technique with specific properties, advantages and disadvantages. Expertise in 3D laser applications makes 3Dtec the best partner when it comes to advice and development. Its in-house engineering department and close cooperation with form manufacturers make 3Dtec any client’s top choice for total supplier.

3Dtec’s partners in the production of formed parts specialise in the following forming processes:

Plate molded parts



Rubber Pressing

Deep drawing


NC transform



Roll forming


Profile molded parts

Drum rolling

Mandrel bending



ISO 9001

Nadcap 3Dtec

Aerospace Quality System

Non-conventional Machining

3Dtec lasertechnology

Approved supplier

3Dtec lasertechnology

Special Processes Qualification

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Nadcap Non Conventional Machining

Rolls-Royce Approval

Safran special processes qualification

Nadcap Aerospace Quality System

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