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Innovative solutions through 3D laser welding from 3Dtec

3D laserlassen

3D laser welding

3Dtec has more than 15 years experience in laser welding flat surfaces and laser welding in 3 dimensions. This makes them experts as well as the ideal partner for achieving strong welded connections. Ultra modern 3D machines allow very narrow welding widths even at greater welding depths. The excellent appearance of the welds ensures efficiency. This means that little or no post-processing of the material is required. This results in cost savings.

3D laser welding is a high-quality joining technique where a laser beam is used to melt two metals together. In addition to common metals such as steel and stainless steel, 3Dtec can also laser weld aluminium and titanium. It is also possible to automatically add a welding wire.


3Dtec distinguishes itself through the precision with which it works. Parts warp much less because of the very localised and relatively low heat input. That is one of the major advantages of 3D laser welding by 3Dtec as compared to conventionally welded parts.

3D laser welding with keyhole welding

3D laserlassen

Deep penetration welding (keyhole welding) is carried out at a high energy density of the material. Keyhole welding causes the material to move locally. The vapour pressure of the laser beam creates a hole (keyhole) in the weld pool. The keyhole penetrates deep into the material. The welding depth is adjustable here. The 3D lasers of 3Dtec can weld up to 7 millimetres deep in stainless steel. This results in very strong weld connections.

3D laser welding with conduction welding

Conduction welding is carried out at lower power intensities than keyhole welding. Due to low vapour pressure, the surface of the weld pool is not deformed. This results in a smooth weld. Whenever a shallow weld is sufficient, 3Dtec conduction welding offers the best options. The weld has a nice appearance, making post-processing unnecessary in many cases.


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