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Working at 3Dtec

If you ask the people of 3Dtec, they will probably tell you about the close-knit group of people they are a part of. Or about the informal atmosphere and the collegiality on the work floor. Of course they work hard together, but they also frequently organise company outings, for example. The friendly and easy-going nature of Brabant. Maybe that’s the reason why people want to keep working at 3Dtec.

At 3Dtec, you enjoy a considerable amount of freedom and independence. That makes it fun to come to work every day. They also like a healthy dose of ‘tenacity’. It keeps you thinking critically for clients and helps you come up with fresh ideas that can lead to innovative solutions. At 3Dtec, everyone knows each other and you are included in every part of the production process. That adds variety to your work.

3D laser operator
/ Laser Technician


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Laser technology BBL


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